BCG Digital Ventures'
2021 Health Care Predictions Report

The Future of
Digital Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the transition to digital health.  

As patients, many of us are no longer sitting in a doctor’s office or waiting in line to collect prescription medications at a brick-and-mortar drugstore.  

As providers, technology has pushed us to innovate and disrupt health care services as we learn to embrace the ‘new normal’. 

In The Future of Digital Health, a report by BCG Digital Ventures, we delve into what industry leaders need to know in order to navigate the changing landscape of health care delivery. Leaders must be able to adapt, innovate, and rapidly implement digital solutions with the right team, the right data, and the right position in the ecosystem. The report brings together our health care innovation experts to give them the insights they need to do just that. 

We look forward to discussing these insights with you, and shaping together what’s coming next for health care innovation in 2021.

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BCG Digital Ventures' 2021 Health Care Predictions

Here is a preview of the insights from our multidisciplinary team of digital health experts:


Adoption of telehealth services has accelerated in recent months, but in 2021, telehealth will involve more than a video call. We expect to see end-to-end solutions for patients, moving from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare - all online. Healthcare has never been more patient-centric, consumer-friendly and efficient.


We also predict that patients will use telehealth platforms beyond quick diagnosis and primary care. Healthcare services will decentralize as they continue to embrace digital care delivery. This will include genetic screening, management of chronic disease, and targeted, highly personalized treatments.


In 2021, we’re going to see more AI solutions in patient triage and remote monitoring of patients, with in-home testing and diagnosis. Expect more reliable remote testing capabilities, including sensors and wearables. This will drive down costs, prevent overcrowding of hospitals, and is convenient for the patient.

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